As one of the few Service clubs in Santee, we pride ourselves in being the “go to” organization when our community needs a helping hand.  We have members volunteering in our elementary schools helping students with their reading skills.  We interact the residents of Edgemoor Hospital serving breakfast and providing fellowship on a bi-monthly basis. Our club sponsors an annual fishing derby at the Lakes and our most aggressive endeavor is hosting the annual Junior Olympics track meet for  our elementary school students. Once a year, The  Kiwanis clubs in Division 31 host a Special Olympic track meet at West Hills High school and our club plays a major role in helping these special needs students and adults have a fun and exciting day here in Santee.  Several of our club members spend considerable time helping senior citizens in our mobile home parks and homes with home repairs at no cost to the residents. From work with Santee Santas to serving dinner at Rachael’s house downtown, the Santee Kiwanis club is an ever present resource for service the community.  While naming just a few of the projects we take on, you can see that if you have a passion to serve, Santee Kiwanis is the place to be!
Our calendar lists the major service projects coming our way in the next few months.  but here are some of the highlights:
* HOPE OF AMERICA AWARDS, June 16th and 17th.